How to Get Free Builders Club on Roblox

How to get free builders club on Roblox!

This is a question I have asked myself and I’m sure many other Roblox players have also wondered.

For a long time no one thought it was possible to get any sort of builders club membership for free, until now.


How does getting free builders club work?

Long ago, there used to be an option to purchase builders club as a lifetime membership, this was equivalent to 100 years of builders club.

It has been a mystery whether this option would be coming back.

Rather, had it ever left?

Deep in the Roblox code the lifetime membership still exists, but only Roblox staff are able to access it.

Haven’t you ever wondered how the Roblox staff get builders club on their accounts?


Our team discovered a way to exploit this, and get free builders club for whichever account we wanted.

Not only that, these memberships last for life!

I bet you are eager to find out how to get free builders club for yourself.

We are getting there.

How to get free builders club.

All you need for this method to work, is your Roblox username.

Step one to free builders club:

When you open the hack, you will see this interface:

Step one on how to get free builders club on roblox

You’re going to want to enter your Roblox username (this information is secure) PS: We will NEVER ask for your password

Then select the device you play Roblox on most often (this is not super important but try to be accurate)

After that hit ‘Continue to Step 2’

Step two to free builders club:

You should now see something like this:

Step two on how to get free builders club on Roblox

All you need to do here is select which builders club rank you would like to receive.

Most players choose outrageous builders club as it offers the most benefits, but choose what suits you.

After that hit the ‘Get Builders Club’ button

The final step to getting free builders club on Roblox:

The last thing you’ll have to do is complete a simple human verification.

Check out our How to Complete a Survey Page for help.

The reason this is necessary is because otherwise this method would get abused and patched quickly, this step should only take a couple of minutes and it is well worth it for free builders club.

If you would not like to complete this step, head over to and purchase a monthly subscription of builders club.

Click the button below if you would like to use our method:

Free Builders Club