Roblox Hack

Hey robloxians, welcome to The Roblox If you are reading this you could only be here for one reason. You want more robux right?

Now I’ll tell you how you can solve that problem…

First I need you to know only one thing, that is your Roblox username or email. This is all you will ever need for this method to work. You will never be asked for your Roblox password and your account will never be compromised during this process. This is 100% guaranteed.


Throughout my many years of playing Roblox I have searched far and wide for a way to get more robux into my game without having to pay for it. Everything I tried didn’t seem to work, and I’m sure you have had the same experience. After searching for a long time trying different methods but failing… I gave in and I ended up spending my own hard earned cash to buy some robux.

Let me tell you it did not take long for me to spend all the robux I had bought and I was back at square one.

That’s when I got an idea!

If there are so many Roblox players including myself looking for some sort of way to get free robux in Roblox, why not create my own? So I gathered some friends with a bit more computer and server knowledge then me and we began brainstorming. This was the start of something great.

Skip forward around six months and here we are today. The Roblox Hack had been created…. no… perfected! We had found out how to get free robux and created such a simple, easy to use program to help all Roblox players.

So you must be wondering now, how did we do it?

How do I get free robux?

Don’t worry we’re getting to that. First you must know that this Roblox hack we have created may not last forever. We have been forced to constantly update it due to new Roblox updates and algorithms. If you are planning to use this Roblox hack to get robux into your game do it while you can because we have no idea when this whole thing will blow up in our faces.

Now I know, I know, you just want access right?

You want to get your robux and get back to playing?

You are very close!

How to use the Roblox Hack


You’ve made it this far and you are really close to unlocking the power of the Roblox hack and generating robux into your game.

We are going to give you a quick step by step on how to use this robux generator, it isn’t hard but you will want to know how to use it the right way. After you know how to use it and how to complete every step, you will be able to get all the free robux that you could have ever dreamed of.

Step one

First things first like I mentioned above, you’re going to need your username for this. In order to add the robux to your account, the program will need to know the name of your account. That makes sense right? It wouldn’t be possible to add robux into your Roblox account without the Roblox hack knowing what account to add it to.

Like we mentioned above though, we will never require your Roblox password for this to work.

Step two

Next you’re going to need to select the device that you play Roblox with most often. This step isn’t the most important but in order for the Roblox hack to emulate you’re activity in order to not look suspicious, it helps to know what device you regularly play on. This allows the Roblox hack to generate the robux while spoofing the device you play on most often, this way the activity looks regular.

If you play Roblox on multiple devices just select the one you play on most often.

Step three

After you’ve filled out the first two boxes, hit the ‘Continue to step 2’ button on the Roblox hack.

Step four

You’re almost there!

Next all you need to do is select the amount of robux you want to generate with the Roblox hack. You have six options to choose from, they are the same options offered on this is because the Roblox hack works the same as a in game purchase works. The only difference is when you use the Roblox hack you get your robux for free instead of paying for it.

Once you select the amount of robux you’d like, hit the ‘Generate’ button on the Roblox hack.

After you do that the Roblox hack will start going to work, let it do it’s thing and then continue on to step five.

Step five

You’ve come a long way, and you’re at the last step. Now,

The last thing you need to do is fill out the human verification form. A list of surveys is going to show up on the Roblox hack, you need to select one and complete it.

Start from the top as the top survey is usually the easiest & fastest. If you are stuck just try a new one.

After you complete one survey, you will reach a congratulatory page on, this is how you will know it worked. Until you see this page keep trying the surveys.

If you are still having troubles, check out our ‘How to Complete a Survey‘ page.

If you have reached the congratulatory page, you can close out of the Roblox hack, restart your Roblox game and watch as you’re free robux is delivered!

You now know how to use the Roblox hack.

If you are ready to get to it and start generating robux, click the ‘Roblox Hack’ button below!

Roblox Hack

How does the Roblox Hack work?

If you are a curious person, you may be wondering…how does the Roblox hack work?

We obviously can’t give out too many details or the Roblox hack would be too easily patched by Roblox. But we can try to explain it a bit for those who want to know how we are adding robux into accounts.

Basically how the Roblox hack does it is by using Roblox micro transactions. The reason we allow you to generate pre set amounts that are the exact same as the in game robux purchases in Roblox, is because we trick the Roblox servers into believing your account made a microtransaction. After we manage to do that the servers process your Roblox username and the robux associated, and credit your account shortly afterwards.

As simple as that sounds there is a ton of stuff going on in the background requiring a lot of updating and tweaking very often. But that is in general how to Roblox hack does what it does.

Roblox Hack Features

  • Generate unlimited free robux to your Roblox account
  • Roblox account will stay safe as the Roblox hack is undetectable
  • Never asks for your Roblox password
  • Updated and tested constantly to make sure the Roblox hack is working
  • No download or jailbreak or any modification to Roblox required
  • Use the Roblox hack from any device anywhere in the world

Roblox Hack Proof

Here is a bit of proof for the non believers that our robux generator really does work. This is obviously only a small example of what can be achieved by using the Roblox hack…

Roblox Hack Proof

Now 31,518 robux is not a ton but it can definitely buy you a lot of things! Not only that but if you use the Roblox hack just a couple of times you can achieve results much greater then this!